5 Best VR Headset Under 300

Virtual reality is no longer just for video games. There are now tons of different ways you can experience virtual reality, ranging from cheaper options to premium solutions that cost thousands of dollars. We’ve got you covered with our list of the best vr headsets under 300.

in this modern age of technology, most people have a smartphone with them at all times. This is a good thing because it makes the sharing experience simple and easy for everyone to enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean smartphones aren’t getting smarter these days;people are expanding on their use by turning phones into virtual reality solutions.

VR headsets use smartphones to create the VR experiences without adding any extra hardware. They take advantage of the powerful processing power in today’s high-end smartphones and convert them into devices that let you experience virtual reality wherever, whenever you like using your handset. This is a game changer for people who want an easy way to immerse themselves in virtual worlds while staying connected to their friends at all times — even when they’re not near their phones or computers.

Top 5 Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headset Under 300

there are a huge number of different virtual reality headsets on the market, each offering its own unique features. For this article, we’ve picked our top picks which include lots of accessories, gaming features, built-in VR games, and immersive experiences.

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

This is the best VR headset under 300 on sale right now. The Oculus Rift S offers an excellent presence-tracking device that lets you play games or download videos in stereoscopic 3D without any noticeable lag time.

meets our criteria for one of the top options under 300, with its high-resolution OLED screens and gesture navigation systems allowing users to navigate through virtual environments quickly while experiencing vivid graphics at a wide-angle field of view.

This is one of the best vr headsets on the planet. The impressive displays inside this headset allow users to explore virtual reality worlds with clarity and resolute width of view never before seen. It comes with built-in social features which will help you enjoy the vr world together, even without your smartphone right next by.

User experience

with the Oculus Rift S is nothing short of impressive, with its responsive touchpad allowing users to spin around in game environments and interact with elements without any problems.

This VR headset looks elegant for your favourite games or videos because it has all the features you need to play amazing games like No Man’s Sky . It also easy to use by having simple controls that are very intuitive.

It only takes a few minutes before you become enrapt ured by the clear images this headset provides you with, with its brilliant screen resolution of 2160×1200. It’s one of many best vr headsets for men on sale today which are most often found in stores.


This is one of the best vr headsets which you can buy for yourself (or as a gift). It’s extremely high resolution view and at 30 Hz refresh rate make this an amazing time spent. The headset doesn’t inhibit variety in experience because it supports all 720-degree images, meaning that every user will find their perfect preferred head orientation no issue – even if they like to lay down!

HP – Mixed Reality Headset and Controllers

Under 300 HP Mixed Reality Headset with Controll is a Budget-Friendly Way to Immersive Experiences,

You can get the most exciting Mixed reality headset that allows you to see beyond our normal experience. Through this you can view and interact within environments like never before which create an entirely new type of virtual environment for you.

That’s what you get when it comes to the HP Mixed Reality Headset. It introduces an early edition of head-mounted augmented reality glasses which are already making waves in consumer technology past fifteen years ago so it is among the best vr headsets for men on sale 2018 .

This highly flexible technology combines one computer monitor with two specially designed lenses, each creating images so vivid and detailed that they appear as if you were there—even when you’re not. It’s a technology that also enables artists, designers and engineers to see their creations come to life before their very eyes – whether it be models, entire rooms or even humanoid robots – that they can simply walk into without wires or any other attachments.

User experience

Hyperfunctions of the HP Mixed Reality Headset include low latency, position detecting sensors and digital audio modes. It also features an adapter that you can use with your existing wires cameras or head phones. As for virtual reality entertainment it’s thanks to pixel refresh rate which increases response rates to help smooth out any possible issues . Furthermore, there is this increasing demand for better audio quality as well solve user disappointment & inconvenience experienced by others due to low sound levels.


HP has quite a good reputation when comes the manufacturing of best vr headsets for men which is actually why this company was motivated with producing high-quality hardware at a price point accessible to almost any lifestyle.

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Quest 2 is built to bring the best virtual reality experience with comfort to users. That’s exactly what you can expect from its very best vr headsets under 300 , which are designed to use your device as a platform that augments your already existing vision and transforms it into something truly fantastic.

All-in-one features  like augmented sight & sound provide an immersive gaming encounter where everything is real enough yet surreal at the same time – all this despite being complemented with eye-tracking technology which, besides gaming delight it provides virtual reality education .

User experience

Oculus Quest 2 uses its processors to render scenes for virtual reality without requiring expensive & complex connectivity to other devices. This makes the set very lightweight which is pretty much essential when talking about a headset that can be used in different ways.

As for its battery life, it’s relatively impressive when compared to other entry level headsets from Oculus or even farther back in time since being able to use 2 batteries throughout a long period of this buying guide review , must have been something you weren’t expecting.  


This is actually one of the best vr headsets under 300 that you can easily use both VR and AR applications with your smartphone . The amount of high-end tech integrated into this headset really hones patience, time and money even if it’s still too early before seeing what kind of results users are going to have from this product.

The only downside to consider when buying the Oculus Quest 2 is its controller, but it should be noted that you can still use your other controllers or extra included hand controllers even while using a VR headset for the first time which makes things easier and less complicated at some points.

PlayStation VR (Renewed)

Discover a new world PS VR is one of the best libraries in Virtual Reality games among all virtual reality systems. The huge fan base and a physical hardware that can very easily give you almost any quality gaming experience it’s undeniable fact, which makes this system (and its current price tag) still quite popular with players who want to get into experiencing different gaming genres such as racing or shooters while using either an Xbox controller on PC, Sony’s excellent MDR-AS150 headset, or the like.

PS VR experienced several price cuts since its launch which lowered its asking point considerably despite having some details that were not up to par at the initial stage of this buying guide review .

User experience

PlayStation VR is a virtual reality system that makes use of the PlayStation 4. In this way, you control your games from both VR and non-VR shares of life by just wearing a headset on your face. The only thing you have to do is being connected with your console for making it work .

And since everything works through a power source, none of its components are dependent upon any cables so there’s no need to worry about them breaking or not working properly. Sony has even described it as a “wire-free VR experience” and that capability alone is not only an advantage for those who usually spent more time on the road, but also being able to avoid headaches from cables it’s hard to beat .


Considering its price reduction the system still offers very high-quality experiences available in all categories from shooters to strategy games, mini sports and music/race simulations. Add to this a couple of good exclusives that were also included in it originally such as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood which is a fun adrenaline rush experience though not one that will truly impress most players after doing research on gaming genre expectations .

Samsung Gear VR w/Controller – US Version – Discontinued by Manufacturer

Samsung Gear VR w/Controller is standalone virtual reality system composed of a wireless headset and controller . This sibling product to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was never available on Amazon or any major store for this purpose.  With both being discontinued by manufacturing/distribution vendors, they have been out of stock as well as unable to be ordered from most online shops since late 2015 at their peak .

Despite its limited nature though it’s still worth taking a look into what you can play due to its good compatibility ranges as both the system and its controllers were released by Samsung Electronics, a brand known for releasing high-end smartphones with many accessories being compatible to them including items from Oculus Rift .

Since it works independently of your phone neither wireless screen real estate nor sensors will be missing. However you won’t find any headphone jack here so spot on component wired headphones are required instead which can lead to options or quite a few. The headset additionally needs a USB power connection to work and recharge its internal battery once required.

User experience

is pretty much about providing an optimal immersion experience beyond the power of what hardware you are using. The content library for this headset is simply too small in comparison with their counterparts so finding anything to enjoy within was rather difficult even when compared to other standalone compacts available. You will find mainly games, music/race simulations which have specific titles being typically exclusive only found on them though some offer support across multiple formats released by Samsung Electronics.


While the Oculux 3D Glasses are generally well known by its featured products, there have been quite a few other offerings listed HERE so peeking to other results could be interesting for people interested in gaming or translating into greater awareness of these headsets. It’s not among my favorite such optomo-VR headset simply because it requires you connecting both hardware and software via USB but they’re really great when considering portability with its lightweight build even though they are clearly smaller than other products in the class it’s not unusual to look for them inside your bag.


These wearable headsets are virtually human-size game images which provide vivid immersion for seeing what it is like driving, eating or kissing someone. Hope under 300 you get a budget friendly headset for the approaching holiday season.

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