Can I Use Dash Cam For Home Security?

Many people are unaware that dash cams are an effective way to keep an eye on your car. A dashboard camera can be mounted in the front windshield of your vehicle, recording what is happening around you at all times. However, the law regarding how much footage should be recorded before it must be turned over to law enforcement varies from state to state.

What is the best dash cam for home security?

There are a myriad of types and brands of dash cams out there that all come at different price points and features. You can find ones with lower quality images, or you might want to pay more if the videos are high-definition or have GPS tracking built into them. This helps law enforcement officers pinpoint exactly where your vehicle was when an incident occurred so they don’t waste time trying to track down footage from distant areas around you.

What to consider before using a dash cam for home security?

First, the camera itself. Should you want a unit that records in full HD quality or should you be okay with a less-rich resolution? You can get a close look at the image on your monitor, but if someone is going to snatch it out of your windshield while driving, they’re not going to have much trouble making out what’s supposed to be hidden inside it.

Can you use a dash cam as a security camera?

Some have been advertised as security cameras and one issue with this is that they can’t record at night. Even though it may be equipped for day and night recording, the fact remains that these types of dash cams don’t last long if they aren’t mounted in a well-lit area inside your house or garage.

Can you leave dash cam on all the time?

This is something you should look at carefully before purchasing. Some models will turn on when it senses motion, such as a sudden shift of your car’s position in traffic. Unfortunately, there are instances where the entire dash cam may catch fire and even explode if they’re left switched on all the time while being used for security purposes.

Can a basic dash cam be used as a home security cam?

Maybe, but in doing so you run the risk of being targeted by criminals . This is because this dash cam would always be left switched on. So sellers are either recommended to keep starting their product with an expensive box setup or obtaining a model that can handle 24-hour recording.

The main purpose of purchasing home security camera circuit is obvious – safety and prevention from crime , right? No worries! Most thieves usually prefer not actions when they may be caught on camera. You’ll have the power to monitor the system remotely .

What else can you use a dash cam for?

If you’re in the market for a security camera or two, there are also options that will serve their roles even more effectively by syncing up your dash cam to your home automation system . Instead of having one device responsible for monitoring all activity inside your house at all times , you could have multiple cameras watching different areas simultaneously. It makes sense then that if fewer devices are producing content, they won’t drain on the battery life as much either . When you think about it, this is an advantage worth investigating.

Which one is better: cloud-based or on-premises dash cam for home security?

When it comes to features, cloud-based dash cams typically have more functionalities , which makes them better news for the security conscious. However, you’ll always need your smartphone or tablet to access its footage remotely via apps installed on both .

Security cammy has become a popular way of protecting homes and private property from criminals nowadays . When you’re researching about these devices beforehand , there are still some things that you should look through carefully ranging from installation, to features , and price range .

Cameras are very essential for security systems in modern times given how people tend to not be so cautious while choosing their homes. Similarly, there is the case of private property which might usually get ruined by crime or other vandals due to no reason whatsoever . Considering this fact among others you should definitely consider installing a dash cam on your automobile s.

Some countries require drivers keep cameras installed around their vehicles. This is to allow full safety of property after accidents are settled , as well as for insurance reasons . Before you go about buying one of these devices it’s good you do some research first on the appropriate specs, installation guidelines and price range depending on your needs .

on the other hand on-premises dash cam requires internet connectivity such as cable to access its footage . It doesn’t come without an installation though, and it’ll need a dedicated monitor which you’ll want to attach by Ethernet , making it hard for some people especially those with strict small spaces or no available outlets.

On-premises dash cam primarily detects events such as parking lot incidents, petty crime and road hazard .Since this kind of HD surveillance was not designed for on-demand recording , it’s recommended to get one with extra features such as live streaming/video capture capability if you’re looking forward of just catching intrusion. On the other hand, its more expensive than outdoor security camera s but doesn’t suffer from same limitations that makes them impractical in modern times.

What Devices needed for dash cam for home security?

when you are using car dash cam as home security purpose you must need few devices like the following:


For control your dash cam as home security purpose , you must need app with its remote control feature to find real time video recording of your car .

power source

Dash cam for home security utilize power through its external power supply jack , because car dash cams are relatively small to be used in portable devices .


While you are using your dash cam as home security , pls remember to establish wifi hotspots in the neighborhood. With the help of pls provide Wifi hotspot access so that people can view or share video online . internet service provider (ISP) has bandwidth limitations for everyone who is not ISP-level power user, which makes it necessary for traveling consumer shapers looking to shackle their cameras to come up with another form.


A cable that connects the camera’s 12V power source to a car, provides connection between Wi-Fi and OBD2 connector.

Where you can store video recording?

Suppose you have 1080p footage of incidents and need to store video recording following the following places:

SD card

Can store entire dash cam video recording in SD card. Usually very fast and inexpensive to expand your storage capacity for video recordings .

Tape cassette (HDD)

Can store entire dash cam video recording in tape cassette( hard disk drive). While making a backup copy of it , please be attentive not the format used by the camera, which would save only current footage and only if you haven’t overwritten any already-stored files before. Overwriting becomes crucial when using HDD or another

HDD (3.5″ SATA)

Can store entire dash cam video by directly writing to the HDD drive. Generally more cost-effective than tape or SD card, but not as an efficient type of storage for dash cam video .

Bottom line

Dash cams are great for recording regular footage of your family cruising down the road , especially when you need to remember something strange after a long overnight trip. The downside however comes into play if that video ever ends up in the wrong hands . With any luck, these tips should help steer new or experienced users toward making better decisions next time they head out shopping!

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